Ustadh Yassin

He is the Director and one of the main teachers at MyMadrassa Online Institute which is based in the United Kingdom and founded in 2020.
He have been serving as an Imam and Khateeb for six years now.
  • Degree in Literature, Language, and Foreign Culture from the University of Strasbourg (France).
  • Degree in Islamic Studies at the Islamic University of Minnesota in the United States of America.
  • Completion of Traditional Islamic studies program under the guidance of scholars from Morocco, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.
    Ijaza (Certificate stating of the full memorisation of 
  • Quran with a linked sanad to the Prophet ﷺ).
  • Seven Qiraat throught the poeme of Shatibiyah
  • Speaks three languages : Arabic, French and English.

Why creating MyMadrassa ?

Born in Europe and from a converted mother (from christianity to Islam). I had the opportunity to grow up in a Muslim country from a very young age. I developed a passion for languages and, by the grace of Allah, I learned the Quran at a young age.

I have decided to create this institute to help people learning the Book of Allah and His language, which is Arabic. For this important mission, I have bilingual and highly qualified teachers in my team to successfully carry out this mission.

Meet your teachers

Our certified trainers will unveil the little-known techniques to nurture your
online adventure at a very affordable cost. Viktor Woodard, Alysia Baldwin & Beatriz Kennedy
are fully qualified teachers with extensive practical and specific knowledge of their fields.

Meet Beatriz

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Meet Alysia

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